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Hair & Makeup

Ananya is a highly talented makeup artist and hairstylist at your service for all your beauty needs. She can create anything from natural to full glam bridal and special event looks. Ananya works diligantly with all her clients with her warm and vibrant energy. She is always striving to meet and exceed their expectations.


Growing up, Ananya always enjoyed dressing up, putting on makeup and trying new hairstyles, which helped her shape what once was a fun hobby into a career. On a personal level, Ananya has two beautiful daughters and a loving husband who provide her tremendous encouragement and support in every aspect of her life!

Ananya specializes in Traditional & Airbrush Makeup Application

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Q- What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

A- Cooking & gardening & decorating

Q- What’s your favorite current Wedding hair or makeup look?

A- Soft dewy glam and a messy updo

Q- What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?

A- When I hand my bride the mirror and they tell me how much they love their glam

Q- Tell us one random fun fact about you!

A- I am a night owl

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