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Brieanne is a licensed cosmetologist who graduated from Paul Mitchell Columbus in Fall 2022. She’s very passionate about makeup and wants to continue her beauty-journey working weddings. She loves helping brides and their loved ones feel beautiful and empowered on such a special day. She discovered her passion for makeup at a young age, mostly from exploring her older sister’s makeup bag and from watching YouTube Beauty Influencers, and ever since she has been hooked on the beauty industry!
She loves her interactions with each of her clients and knowing that she contributes to making them feel great in their own skin! Brieanne specializes in all kinds of makeup, but has excelled with soft glam to full glam looks!

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Q- What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?
A- Binge watch any of my favorite comfort shows or movies 

Q- What’s your favorite current Wedding hair or makeup look?
A- Bronzed glowy makeup look with glam waves 

Q- What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?
A- Seeing all the bridal party together having a good time laughing singing etc.

Q- Tell us one random fun fact about you!
A- I’ve seen my favorite artist Lana del Rey twice in concert 

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