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Hair & Makeup

When Christal was young, picture day was always the worst because her mother was not skilled in doing hair. Since then, she started practicing on herself to ensure that her hair always looked great in photographs. Christal has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2009. She enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, exploring different venues, and collaborating with various vendors to create the perfect vision for each individual she comes in contact with.

For over nine years, Christal has been in the bridal industry. Two years ago, she became enthusiastic about makeup and said, "There is no greater feeling than seeing the look come together and the smile on each person's face by enhancing their natural beauty." Christal is excited to join the JRice Beauty Team and work alongside some personable, talented artists.

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Q- What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

A- Spending time with family and friends.

Q- What’s your favorite current Wedding hair or makeup look?

A- My favorite current wedding look is a textured bun.

Q- What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?

A- Seeing the hair, make up and dress all come together, and everyone is smiling and ready for the celebration.

Q- Tell us one random fun fact about you!

A- I love changing my hair all the time and make up to play with different looks.

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