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Teylar is a talented hairstylist that has been in the industry since 2019. She knew she wanted to do hair early on in life and was encouraged by her siblings to pursue her passion in hair cutting, blowouts and event styles. She prides herself in being able to work with any hair texture and type. Teylar works swiftly and very efficiently to providing her clients with a wonderful experience to make them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

Tey is excited to work with JRice Beauty Team and grow as a stylist. 

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Q- What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?
A- Watching tv with my dog Bubba

Q- What’s your favorite current Wedding hair or makeup look?
A- Slicked back with big volume curls

Q- What’s your favorite part of a wedding day?
A- I love seeing pictures of the bride after she is fully dressed

Q- Tell us one random fun fact about you!
A- I own a hair suite and i’m only 22.

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